I woke up thinking about waves

and letting a wave go, what it

looks like continuing,   what

that thought is, that image and

another that follows it    a familiar

looking window up a familiar looking

street in autumn or an open

sky of a particular color blue tinted

with a hint of violet      letting that

wave go to what is awakened again

sound of voice of a friend’s

mother but not because the mother

’s was not often at sing-songy,

letting the wave see the appearance

of the child at reunion – a mother

pulling behind her her small rolling

suitcase up the sidewalk,    and

her barely contained, not contained

joy, even in the inelegance of this

this old carry-on, pull along suit-case

approaching what is still her child’s dorm,

wave, i woke up thinking about all

the colors, and the sound,

and that color   sound     appeared

in the air,   for moments,   i woke up

saying   think about the wave   keep adding a     

moment   to the wave