the way a hummingbird feeds, drinks, eats

is neither hurried nor slowed, it is simply

itself taking in nutrient in amount in

interval    bent neck/smooth back of head,

straightened head,   repeat, several times

in its manner,   at its table,   and

then to perch, or up above to hidden

or unconcealed branch above

in hackberry which it does

not disdain, and again to above

somewhere perhaps a thimble nest

is in-set; while another humming-

bird feeds, drinks, eats; it is

neither hurried nor is it slowed,

it is its time, not heron, time,

it is time of flutter,             again

appears      these moments ———— the hand

of infant      suspended mid air

for a moment unimaginably long

the air still imagined as a globe of

amniotic fluid