I am visited by hummingbirds; it is that

time of the year; all that is necessary is

to fill the feeder, to keep it clean, to

refill it; the parts of sugar to water

are one part sugar to four parts

water, boil, let cool, then keep

the extra nectar refrigerated; this

nectar in the feeder for these

hummingbirds may stay in place for

several days – but then it does go

bad and develop little black spots,

and it will make these working birds

ill as they are storing up for

travel   and so it is a reminder

to the self to think about the throat

and neck   and beak,   the tiny

little eyes of what delights

us,   when it arrives,    and comes

to us,   pauses alights,   what

flutters– what chooses,   for some

reason   or reasons   that point

in our gaze.