for Taije


i woke up holding half a sphere

suspended around my neck

the other hand was open above my head –

the same hemisphere i had taken off

it weighed me down

and put back on

in the nick of time

my world


i woke up holding half a globe

suspended around my neck — close close to my temple

purchased when the world was imagined

whole-er – a distant house on a cliff above the seacoast,

a mother there with a mother (and configurations

and re-configurations past & future imagined whole)




and rented folding chairs

seaside chairs in such a strange, amusing, confining,

uniform configuration

and where a stranger pulled the child from the surf

when he had walked off too far from us.


i woke up this morning holding half a sphere in my palm

(flattened back, not carnelian,

perhaps polished volcanic stone)

the other hand was open

the coffee-maker said – tic –







the aquarium said – it gurgled – hum