four whooping cranes white discs in the distance




four whooping cranes  white discs in the distance

whites of the eyes floating in an inlet

of river;  they had flown off, then re-

turned; four floating on an inlet

of water, too far for detail, too far even

with binoculars;  four white floating ovals

in a channel, and behind them   in a line,

in a long extended line in their gray

coats, each one, wearing its feathers, one

behind the the other, brushed,      in its dignity,

grey,  along the bank of the inlet of the river,

against the bank, at the edge of the forest,

which was a pine forest,  in their gray

overcoats, each, the one more delicate than the next,

one connected to, separate from, as

in a chain of, synaptic, thought, relation-

ship, gray, grey, brushed, like a hat,

like a hat, like a hat with a hat-band, brushed,

floating, feeding, in a line, stretched and

stretching, a hundred, two hundred, more

were the sand hill cranes




and to the right

and forefront of the eye-whites

whooping cranes

the blackbirds in their






for rafael

in the winter the robins







in the winter the robins

are visible in the hackberry tree      (against the sky)

their orange-red breasts exposed








i walk below along (the) pavement

my own orange-red parenthesis

flat foot      steady      inspired

___   ___